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Review: EOS Max Misty (Grey) Customer Service Review
Order $69.50 + $14.90 express shipping
Ordered: June 5. Rec'd: June 12. 7 days (to California)

Shop Review:
I had originally ordered 3 sets of lenses from who shipped me an incorrect order. HC replied to me once and said they were investigating the issue.. but I never heard from them again. customer service has disappointed me.
I may try ordering with them one more time.They have a nice selection of lenses.

------------- Review
Order $24.90 + $23 expedited shipping
Ordered: June 14. Rec'd: June 21. 7 days (to California).

Shop Review:
I decided to purchase from because AX was less than 3 weeks away. So I ordered these contacts with the expedited shipping just in case.

I am still very happy with my purchase and speed of service. I will be ordering from in the future. They follow up and send offers for discounts on future orders, which is really sweet of them.

Name of Product: EOS Max Misty (Grey)
Product Description: 14.5 Dia, 8.6 BC, 0.00 no power(plano). $24.90 USD/pair

Pros: inexpensive, blend nicely, they make my eyes smexy & giant, I had no problem wearing these for 6 hours at the con.
Size: 10/10
Color: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9

My lenses arrived in vials and with an adorable free elephant lens case.

Indoor light:


Lens vs no Lens w/flash:

(I think I have very large eyes? my contact lens prescription is 14.5 dia. this is the 1st year of having contact lenses.)

Whoo hoo!! EOS ftw!!
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