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Originally Posted by Jeremy-kun View Post
Hey Everyone, pretty new to cosplay, I've got some ideas worked out in my head for some characters I'd like to cosplay, but I'd just like to get your opinions on what would work for me. ^^

Sorry bout the photo quality

Thanks! ^^
awesome ishida from bleach.. your hair is just like him.. and your body type too

Originally Posted by RuhiNunchuck View Post
alright I guess I'll take a stab at this.

I'm 5'6" 130lbs (i think Oo) my hair is like it is in the pic only a reddish blonde now. I'm not against wearing wigs or crosspalying.

Any suggestions?
irvine from final fantasy 8 im thinkin... i think its the hat that gave me the idea but you would make an awesome irvine

alright everyone listen up!! dont forget that if you want people to help you out and give you some suggestions... than you need to help other people and give suggestions too.. i have posted on here like 3 times.. and havent gotten any help what so ever.. while on the other hand everytime i come on here i give a whole bunch of suggestions.. so unfair *sobs*

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