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へっろ。 Hello how is everyone? This will be my first cosplay in about8 years. I previously did characters like goku, sub zero, a bunch of ninja guys, and other martial arts types.
I am 5'10" about 200 pounds (thin muscle), but am currently getting back down to about 190. I would like to do a martial arts thing preferably. I like to actually look similar to the character though, so no japanese guys with long hair (i know my choices are very limited), But considering that i cannot decide on anything im thinking about the puppet guy from akatsuki in naruto. BUT if I can determine what materials to use I would liek to attempt TEKKAMAN BLADE

are there any suggestions as to what I could be otherwise?

heres a face shot for now albumID=0&imageID=21553241

Oh Id also do someone like Gouki

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