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As Khene said things are progressing well on the historical entry overall and my costume itself is coming along nicely. I really can't show anything from it since it would ruin the surprise for everyone nor can I tell anyone the actual title of my costume because that might give things away. I have most of my accessories finished already although there are still four more to go and my underlayers are all at about 50% or more finished. Last night we talked about design elements on the remaining pieces for both costumes and started to make patterns and mock-ups of those pieces. We've also located pretty much all the remaining fabric and notions for this although there are a couple of places we're going to look at before making final decisions on those. Also we found the perfect music for this one by a lucky chance. We'll probably send off our presentation to be pre-recorded soon since we've got the actual music we wanted to use for this. Our documentation is progressing well and I would say it's about 50% completed at the moment.

We do have a few new to the Costume Con crowd costumes for hall wear but none of them, minus the costume for the social, are very elaborate owing to the fact that our time and money are all going toward the Historical entry. Our theme for this convention seems to be tending toward historic dress. We have one set of 18th century costumes, one set of pirate costumes, two sets of Egyptain related costumes, and finally a couple of things from a non-anime media source, which ironically fit into the historic dress catagory as well.
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