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Thanks guys! Cant wait for the last session in three weeks to get it finished now XP!

Fairydusted- thanks and ooh that sounds like a lovely tattoo idea! My only guidance is that as you're getting your first one is make sure you wont ever regret it when your older and it actually has a meaning to you other than "you think its pretty" kinda thing. I know it sounds rather obvious but the stories I've heard of people getting cover ups done on disney tattoos because they end up not liking the characters anymore is insane lol Sorry if it sounds like i'm talking down on you I really don't mean it like that ^_^ I have a few tattoos now so I like to help anyone with advice when their getting their first one. Even Ariel on my calf has a stronger meaning than "she's my fav princess" to me. Also it means you get to tell a story of why the tat is there on your body to people who will be like "you'll regret that when you're older". lol!!!

No cosplay updates from me, gotta get ready for my mate's wedding reception this evening as (in the words of Scuttle) THEY'RE GETTING HITCHED THIS AFTERNOON!! (or probably have just got hitched now)
IN PROGRESS: Ariel sail rags or possibly seafoam dress (for MNSSHP), and Femme Dean Winchester (Winter LFCC)
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