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Originally Posted by Fairydusted View Post
Furie - oh believe me I know! *My first is actually going to be inner wrist "only love remains " and dh is getting it too. It's from a song we like and well the line is pretty self explanatory.*

If I get the Peter pan one it will have meaning too- I sing the "i know a place where we can go where time is never planned it's not on any chart you must find it in your heart... Never neverland" song to all my kids so makes me think of them *

Even if Ariel was just your fav no deeper meaning I say go for it, I know disney stuff just always makes me smile and feel happy. What a dork right?!
XD! That's cool! You're definitely not a dork, it makes me feel smile and feel happy too... even to the point when in Supernatural there's a Disney reference I giggle like a child haha! ^_^ Little Mermaid has been in my life since I was 2 years old, I remember it would be the only film I'd sit and watch with my gran (who passed when i was of infant school age) and I'd watch it alone when I was feeling low and stuff... I looked up to Ariel as an idol and inspirational hero, the whole whole film carried me through a tough childhood that I had with my dad who treated me badly, now I'm being her whenever I want! ^_^ So it only seemed fitting to get a tattoo of her! I'm going to be getting Eric and Max hopefully maybe next year or something on the upper inside of my calf to complete the 'story' i think my tattoo is showing too XD At some point I wouldn't mind getting another small Ariel tattoo so I can put the wording "I Remember" with it, to give dedication to my Gran as that song from TLM3 always makes me think of her.

Sasha- I cant wait to finish it! I really have to get moving with it, but I'm feeling so lazy at the same time haha and you're not the only one who's noticed that pattern arise, even I have! haha

OH! To those of you who were on my Facebook... I deleted it, then made a new profile, you can add me here:
IN PROGRESS: Ariel sail rags or possibly seafoam dress (for MNSSHP), and Femme Dean Winchester (Winter LFCC)

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