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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
Myabie cuz Annie's is made with white cheddar as opposed to fakey cheddar? It's also more watery, but I like putting tuna in it
I don't think that's it. I mean, home made mac and cheese has legitimate cheddar cheese in it and it doesn't have a funny taste to it. It's only a slight thing in Annie's mac and cheese though so after a while I got used to it.

And speaking of mac and cheese, I've taken to eating, like, a cup of broccoli with it. It's rather good. But I"m just finding myself not be able to eat it plain.

@Sam- I always just used heavy cream and a bit less than it told me to. I disliked the soupiness of it, but it wasn't too huge of an issue.

Oh no. I just started listening to Wicked for no reason. But I have homework I should be doing...........
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