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Originally Posted by Quinn The Spazz View Post
Better than my to-do List:

Me *Looks at list* pervert, Good guy, good guy, Nazi Vampire, Same Pervert, good gal, psycho, good gal, good gal, Manlady who wants to destroy the world with fire, good guy, double agent, good guy, and that pervert again. (I love his outfit, despite his personality.)
xD Nice. But yeah, it's like I've been wanting to cosplay heroes and total angels, and suddenly the demeanor of my cosplay desires take a very sharp turn for the worse. o3o;
Going to: AX '12, everything else is to be determined.
Working on:
-Semi-secret cosplay
-Female assassin recruit
-Asbel Lhant (Tales of Graces)
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So many ideas, so little time
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