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Originally Posted by uruha-fan-girl View Post
Yeah I think that Reita would suit you as well^ ^
As for some other suggestions, Maybe Anzi from Matenrou Opera, Kyo Dir en Grey, tora from Alice nine, junjun from Dog in THE PWO and maybe even Mitsuru from SuG. hope those helped^ ^ And sorry for the late reply...

Would you be able to maybe suggest some hairsyles and stuff to me? My pics are on my profile page, and I also have a link to my DA, in my sig.. Thanks

yeah they really helped! i love Junjun's hair...its ssoo cool and im getting it cut in like...4-5 its gotta grow out a bit first...i'll see what happens

and for you, how long is your hair now? cause i saw the pics of you cosplaying Teru, and that looked great...but i'll give you suggestions as soon as i know

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