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Originally Posted by MorbidMortician View Post
i wanna dye it jet black and get maybe dark-blood red streaks in the front, or even dark purple or blue...(cause of school and stuff...)

for you, i've attached some pics i think would look really cool on you hope it helps!

but i really think teru from versailles, or aoi from the gazette especially teru would suit you
Attachment 36884

Attachment 36885

Attachment 36886

Attachment 36887
Oh yeah, that seems pretty kool^ ^ Good luck. I also think that Matoi from Phantasmagoria would suit you^ ^

Ohh thanks^ ^
I like them, I don't think I have gotten Aoi before, maybe once or twice.. So thats pretty kool
But, I think I'll stick with Teru, since I'll be finally cosplaying him.. But I can't sew so I'm going to get someone to make it for me. Almost saved up enough money!^ ^
But thanks again. I'll come back to these if/when I change my hair once more haha. Since I don't mind Kanon^ ^
Planned cosplays

Ion Fortuna ~ Trinity blood
Teru ~ Versailles -Masquerade version-
Uruha ~Silly God Disco Ver~


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