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Originally Posted by uruha-fan-girl View Post
I'll have to look up how to put in extensions lol. Ah I see. Haha yep my Teru cosplay is going to end up being like around $600 maybe...TT^TT I'm getting it commisioned.. Wish I could sew lolz. Can you sew? I may got to some cons, but where I live at the moment, there is no cons, the closest is Sydney (like a 6 hour drive)

mana would be kool :3 i wanted to cosplay as Reita before haha^ ^ lolz I also would like to cosplay as Asgi from D! He was the first j rocker, that was ever suggested to me almost a year ago on here! haha^ ^; Yeah it sure does cost a lot hey... :/ There are so many j rockers I wish to cosplay as, its not funny lol

oh wow...$600 really?! that's insane...but i guess you're paying for quality...i wish i could sew :P lulz...i really wanna go to Japan and find some of their of my friends went to one in Tokyo, as Maka from Soul Eater (it was a anime con) and it looked so good...Townsville doesn't really do cons... :'(

i think if i was to cosplay...i'd just make one huge costume that represented every J-rocker i think it'd look awful...but i just can't decide :P

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