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Originally Posted by MorbidMortician View Post
oh wow...$600 really?! that's insane...but i guess you're paying for quality...i wish i could sew :P lulz...i really wanna go to Japan and find some of their of my friends went to one in Tokyo, as Maka from Soul Eater (it was a anime con) and it looked so good...Townsville doesn't really do cons... :'(

i think if i was to cosplay...i'd just make one huge costume that represented every J-rocker i think it'd look awful...but i just can't decide :P
yeah i had a feeling it would be expensive haha^ ^; I also want to get his Noble outfit too haha
If you want to get an outfit commissioned, go to the site I am using to get my cosplay, finally someone who actually makes j rocker/visual kei outfits!! haha (and anime and stuff) XD
Yeah I went there last year for a school excursion (2 weeks) but didn't go to cons. I love Japan! That would have been awesome to go to one in Japan^ ^

Haha thats interesting haha. I'm like you, can't decide I want to cosplay Uruha too (Silly God Disco ver)
Planned cosplays

Ion Fortuna ~ Trinity blood
Teru ~ Versailles -Masquerade version-
Uruha ~Silly God Disco Ver~


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