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Originally Posted by uruha-fan-girl View Post
yeah i had a feeling it would be expensive haha^ ^; I also want to get his Noble outfit too haha
If you want to get an outfit commissioned, go to the site I am using to get my cosplay, finally someone who actually makes j rocker/visual kei outfits!! haha (and anime and stuff) XD
Yeah I went there last year for a school excursion (2 weeks) but didn't go to cons. I love Japan! That would have been awesome to go to one in Japan^ ^

Haha thats interesting haha. I'm like you, can't decide I want to cosplay Uruha too (Silly God Disco ver)
I think the Noble outfit would be super expensive...cause theres all that fine detail...
you went to Japan?! lucky!!! what's it like?! i wanna go so badly...
i reckon aye, Japan have the best cons, especially when it's cosplay :P

ooh...i love the Silly God Disco ver...that would be a really cool one to gotta do it someday!

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