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...Oh you have no idea how many dances I could suggest. XD

But in all serious, this sounds awesome! I'm always up for a good dance gathering. Here are some of my favorites:

-Lily Lily Burning Night
-Massara Blue Jeans by C-Ute
-Happy Synthesizer
-飲み過ぎんなよ〜Yaaaahバババイ〜 を踊ってみた
-One Two Three by Morning Musume

All of these have mirrored videos on youtube. Here's my playlist of all Jpop/Vocaloid songs I've collected.


-Beautiful Night by BEAST
-Breathe by Miss A
-I Am the Best by 2NE1
-Like This by Wondergirls
-Oh! My God by Girl's Day

And so so much more. Here's my Kpop playlist and there is SO much more Kpop out there! Gangnam style is also on that list, with at least two mirrored full-choreographed versions. It's the same choreography, just from different dancers~

I wish I could say I could provide speakers, but sadly I have none at the moment. Maybe after Christmas I can (finally) go get myself some decent speakers!

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