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Sorry for party rockin'.
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Originally Posted by Artie Drawings View Post
Anime USA happened November 9th - 11th, so me and ThatDragonGal had a little test-run meetup for choreographed dances!

Here's what I learned from the test-run meetup that we can apply to the Katsucon dance meet:
-Have at least TWO people bring speakers in case one doesn't work

I'm gonna make it a goal to learn at least one more dance and the rest of Bad Apple before Katsucon! <3
My speakers finally bit the dust... I'll TRY to have a new set by Katsu. Sorry that they kept messing up at AUSA.
I will totally try to learn Bad Apple too. But I'm going to be learning either "Like This" or "Electric Shock" for the Dance-Off, so maybe we could add those to the list? Yes/No? XD And I'm also going to try to finish learning "Breathe" (Miss A) and I know most of Abracadabra by Brown Eyed girls.

And yes, we still need to come up with a day/time/place. Mouna, I'm running the gatherings thread, so let me know asap so I can add it to the list. Just FYI, no gatherings have been made for Sunday or Thursday yet.

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