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No everything is not resolved.

Will you be shipping it this week since this is near the end of the month to the list you have posted.


I am a little behind from midterms, but still working on shipping everything out. I'll be shipping stuff this week, though I don't believe I have enough funds to get everything out and wouldn't dare ask anyone to have to shell out the extra. I'll see if I can come across some extra funds or borrow some money or something if I can though.

So my item isn't going to be shipped the 31st like the list you posted?

Like I said, I'm currently off schedule. I'm doing everything I can to make it work and not having enough funds certainly doesn't help that. Whatever money I currently have, I'm using to ship stuff out. That leaves me with nothing for my rent or bills or even food. Shipping commissions out is my top priority over all of that right now.

Uhm ok
I know it's not what you or anyone wants to hear, but I am trying. I am always doing my best to make it all work out, even if it means putting my own rent and bills behind that right now.
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