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Originally Posted by Rieshu View Post
I too commissioned them for a Mai Valentine Costume and a Seto Kaiba Jacket. I gave her all the money up front and she left me hanging until the day of the con, telling me it would come. She never gave me the pictures of the costume she promised and she had me up all night trying to get a hold of her. I ended up getting her phone number from a friend and ended up talking to some guy, be it her friend or boyfriend and yelling at him for all the stress she put me through. I gave her 6 months to do the costumes and got nothing. BUT-- (Because I guess I became very scary with all my yelling) they gave me my money back along with an extra 100 dollars because I was so crazy and mad.
O_O Perhaps I can ask you to share that # with me then. I am out quite a bit of money now for patterns I will never get, that I could have used. Sad...really it is
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