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Commissioner: Tess
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned: Kaoru wig from Rurouni Kenshin
Links to picture: Pic (Courtesy of Tess)
Timeline: About a month from payment to recieving it.
Description of Experience: She was very professional thoughout the whole process, which made me feel more at ease since this was my first wig commission. She was able to work within my budget range and allowed me to give installed payments, rather than paying everything at once. Not to mention she followed through with my request for the wig to be at LEAST waist length if not longer. I was amazed at how quickly she styled the wig, because it took longer for the wig to arrive than the amount of time to style and ship to me. xD

Comments: I would commission her again, however the only problem that I could find with the wig is the bangs. The fact that they have gel (or it is alot of hairspray?) on them is a little bothersome. Especially since one side of the bang lays perfectly down, whereas the other sticks up kinda, looking a little out of place. Other than that everything is fine. I know long wigs tend to tangle VERY easily, but I plan on getting some detangler product to fix that soon.

Final Grade: A-
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