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Name of Commissioner: Jeniffer Cosplay / csddlink


Character commissioned and series/video game: Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII (costume, wig, and boots)


Timeline: Payed commission on May 3rd 2012, cosplay arrived on June 1st 2012

Describe your experience (pros, cons, comments):
Meant to write this review awhile ago but just got to it now, hope this helps.

My cosplay event was on July 15th so I ordered my costume 2 months before to make sure they had a lot of time to make it and in case shipping is slow. I decided to order from csddlink after looking and reading reviews on various commissioners and online cosplay shops, since this is the first time I ever comimissioned and bought cosplay.

The communication was great, they replied my email pretty quick and seemed nice. After I payed for my commission (a few weeks after I e-mailed them about comissioning), I didn't e-mail them until about 3 weeks later to ask how my commission was going.

They didn't reply my e-mail as quick so I was a bit worried (especially reading how a lot of people got cheated after they paid for their commission). Then I read someone's review here that they couldn't reach csddlink through e-mail so they used the live customer service and got through. I did the same and I was relieved that they answered. When I asked them why they didn't reply my e-mail they said my mail seems to got lost on their inbox or something. So I asked them how my commission is going. To my surprise they said it's almost done and is going to be shipped soon! I was super relieved and glad to hear that so I waited patiently for my order to arrive.

My package finally arrived and when I opened it the costume looked great! But when I looked closer som of the details are off (like straps are too long). The wig's bangs wasn't exactly as Lightning's, the thing that was dissappointing was the armbands that were too big and I just couldn't wear them. The satisfying part of the costume are the boots! I love how they turned out.

So I e-mailed them about it to get them replaced if possible. And I wanted a detail from the gloves changed because it didn't match the original and other small stuff. They said okay, I wasn't too hopeful on getting the replacements in time but it arrived only about a week later! I was very happy about that. And they didn't even charge me extra for the replacements, it was completely free!

Cons: Communication was slightly off but turned out okay, costumes details measurements weren't exact so it was too big and I couldn't wear them

Pros: Communication was overall good, they were nice and when I requested for replacements they didn't even charge extra!

So that was my review, I'm sorry it's a bit long but it's for those who wanted to know the details of my experience so they can be sure when they commission themselves. I would definitely recommend this commissioner, I would ask you to really state the details if you want to get your costume just right with this commissioner.

Final Grade: A-

(I contemplated wether to give a B or an A, but I wanted to give them an A for the excellent customer service on replacing costume parts that was off and without charge to please their customers
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