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I've got two reviews to post here.

Name of Commissioner: Nancy Lam/Akino Atelier/RayneHeart/SixOnClothing

Website/ gallery: She is also on Etsy (Akino Atelier) and Deviant Art (SixOnClothing)

Character commissioned and series/video game: Alice Abernathy, first Resident Evil Movie, Dress.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

And this was what the hem looked like after she "fixed" it:

Timeline: 3 months initially, then later waiting for the fix, another three. Six months total.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
At first, everything went very smoothly, she replied promptly, and told me she made note of my special requests (I told her I was very tall and needed the 'cut' side of the dress to rest at my hip; and gave her the corresponding measurements she needed.)

I paid $50 upfront and a few months later (in April. I made the order in January of 2012) I paid the remaining $200 before she shipped the garment. Well, when I tried it on after it arrived, it was far too short at the hip for me to wear it as it was (the hem at the hip was at the middle of my ribs and the dress was shorter than it was supposed to be in general. I had also asked for a fabric that was somewhat stretchy; fabric was stiff and itchy, no stretch to speak of.)

I emailed her about the sizing problem and she said she could fix it if I sent it back. I did and paid return shipping. She didn't retrieve it from her PO Box until about three weeks after it arrived. Now, in the time she got it back; she had three months before my deadline of July 20th. She did not respond to about half of my messages between May and July. claiming she was at cons and missed my messages. She told me, a week before my deadline that she hadn't fixed my dress and I would not get it in time. I told her I either wanted a full refund (because the costume was for that upcoming con) and she could keep the dress, or I wanted a partial refund and the dress to bring to a tailor who could fix it (she only wanted to send the dress back) or I wanted the dress fixed and delivered in time for my convention. She put me off for a few more days until I told her I would take her to court if I needed to as I was out $250.

She replied and said she'd fix it that night and. (in my opinion) did the quickest, laziest fix possible (check the photos) and it got to me two days before my convention, 4 days after the original deadline. The way in which she fixed it left it completely inaccurate to the character's outfit and I couldn't wear it like that.

The photo she shows in her DA gallery is the dress before she "fixed" it to cover what it didn't. Honestly, it would've been a wonderful dress if she had taken the time to make it properly to fit my measurements (or set to work as soon as she got it back rather than rush a week before my deadline)

Final Grade: C -

I'd give her a D but the outfit would have been wonderful if she took her time and got my measurements right. (And used the fabric I wanted). I really hate leaving negative reviews, but that kind of quality was not acceptable for what I paid for it. Nor were long waits and shoddy repairs the mark of someone who cares about quality and accuracy. I will never commission from her again.

I've got one more to add to the list, so I apologize if it should have been in a separate post.

Name of Commissioner: DevilCosplaysxCO

Website/ gallery: (The person directed me to DA from a account but I can't remember the account name)

Character commissioned and series/video game: Desmond Miles, Assassin's Creed, Accessory and Prop.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Never Received, Ordered in March 2012

Timeline: Never Received The Commission, ordered it in March 2012

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:

I placed a prop commission with them in March of this year with a deadline of the second week in July. They took the commission and said it could be done easily. At first they stayed in contact with me and sent two pictures of one of the props (Apple Of Eden. I also commissioned for a tattoo sleeve, I included the design in emails) during the first month. As my deadline drew closer, they stopped responding to my emails. It was already too late to file a claim with paypal by the time they stopped corresponding and paypal said they couldn't help me.

The deadline and convention came and went and a month after the convention I got an email from them (after messaging them five times with no reply) about them saying they entered my zip code wrong and the props came back damaged. They said they would repair them and send them to me with a refund since they missed the deadline. That was in August. I've emailed them multiple times since, but heard nothing back.

Final Grade: F

I never got my items, most of my emails went unanswered, never got the refund I was promised.
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