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Marketplace Updated Info

The marketplace is opening this weekend, around a week behind schedule but it's finally about ready to go.

Here is a list of categories. Please let me know if I've left out anything really important. I'd like to keep it simple for starters until the categories fill up again. After that, we can consider partitioning into subcategories further.

Commissions: For Hire (Costumes)
Commissions: For Hire (Wigs)
Commissions: For Hire (Props)
Commissions: Wanted
For Sale: Costumes
For Sale: Wigs
For Sale: Props
For Sale: Other Cosplay Items
For Sale: Non-Cosplay

Again, the non-commission categories are for used items only. No new items are allowed. Please suggest any major categories you think would work best in this setup.

All ads have comments turned on, and you can leave feedback for each user with feedback comments.

There will be no limit of # of ads placed, aside from only one ad per member in each of the "for hire" sections.

There is no longer any current or near-future plan to have upgraded commission accounts. This will be revisited in the future when we can put more resources into them. All members can equally use the marketplace, and other members can deal with the feedback section from there. We'll have an announcement for some paid promotional features that will affect commissioners soon.

There will be two sponsored sections/links in the marketplace, one for new costumes and one going to CosWorx for new wigs. These will be clearly marked as sponsored links and only show up on the main page.

We will keep this forum open for replies for the time being, but new posts will be directed to the marketplace to get it rolling.

I anticipate opening this on Friday or Saturday. This thread replaces the old discussion thread, so please continue any suggestions here by re-posting them if they are topical.

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