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Originally Posted by Jim3535 View Post
I have also noticed that a lot of cosplayers on here really like the idea of doing a photoshoot with a photographer. What's the best way to find out if they are interested? Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is interested in more or less photos. (ok, usually it's easier to tell if they want less...) Usually I avoid asking people to do photo shoots because I think it will inconvenience them too much. Then I read stuff here about some people clamoring for photo shoots. (or as Fremen mentioned, people who don't like that much attention)

Maybe I need a name tag sticker that says "ask me if you want a photo shoot" or something.
Never be afraid to ask a cosplayer if they are interested in doing a photoshoot. In all honesty, if they don't want the shoot, they will just let you know right off the bat. If they do, they grasp the window of opportunity to do it. However, be careful during the shoot. Sometimes, it feels a little weird being asked by someone to do a photoshoot and then having them take a whole bunch of pictures and what not. Just a few are usually good. In the middle, ask if they want to shoot some more and see what they say. When I was asked for the first time, I went along with the idea cause I thought it would be fun! I appreciated the fact that someone liked my work. He was shooting for about 10 mins and then asked if I wanted to do some more. I just declined and he was perfectly ok with it.

Key is: just don't be awkward and weird about it. Prepare for rejection or acceptance. But never be afraid to approach.

As for the whole friend situation....that gets a little hairy. But it is not the photographer who they should blame. Don't worry guys, you are in the clear. The friend or person in the group probably just takes things too seriously and that needs to be worked out by themselves.
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