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I'm probably going to sound a lot more sassy and aggressive than I intend to in this post, so I apologize in advance. I'm writing this after a very long, rather disappointing day.

With that said, I'm confused as to how me saying "people don't do squats often" has gotten translated into "fat people". There's plenty of people, of all shapes and sizes, who don't do squats. Short people, skinny people, politicians, etc.

Based on my observations, leggings are universally flattering to the curves of any size leg, but p. much universally unflattering to the butts and crotches of anyone who isn't in the professional ballet industry. And if we're so far gone in society that "anyone who isn't a ballerina" is now considered "fat", I don't know what to think.

If I wanted to make overweight people a special target, I could just bloody well say "HAY FAT PPL" and deal with the consequences thereof, and if I wanted people deliberately misinterpreting what I say just to make my views easier to attack, I'd go back to tumblr.
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