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Cool Advice From a girl who does drag and Crossplay

I used to have a double D chest though I lost weight and now I am a b or c cup. I learned to bind from FTM Transexuals and Drag kings as well as other crossplayers. First off ACE will hurt you, everyone uses it first and it is bad. It slips and it cuts off circulation, I've almost fainted a few times.
Gonna list a few tips and medical things for you now.
1. never bind below your diaphragm that is the area below your ribs always let your lower rips be out from under the binding.
2. Use the wide bandages meant for rib wrapping to clean up the look of your binding not ace. Bell Horn sells these they are non adhesive and close with little metal do-hickeys
3. When you do have the Cash try to get a binder at Underworks or T- kingdom
4. While waiting for said cash I always used a backbrace also known as abdominal support bandage though its nice to have a "boob buddie" as I say to help you into it.
5. Always let yourself rest if you feel lightheaded, you should only feel like you're wearing a tight sports bra not in pain or struggling to breathe
6. PUSH THE BOOBS DOWN AND TO THE SIDES! this prevents them from pushing into a uni-boob and not giving you the flatness you want, also it relieves the pressure alot.

Also about the cancer or whatnot. Among Transexuals and those who bind constantly you can get fatty masses from the compression but thats very unlikely unless you do this everyday. Hell athletes get them from wearing sports bras.

The only time binding will hurt you is if you bind too tight or you bind to low.
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