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Wholeheartedly agree with everything that's been said already.

There are also a few great threads around here that will go into detail about safety.

My mom actually helped me make a "corset" type of thing for my crossplay. Occasionally I have a bit of trouble breathing naturally, and when my mom tied this corset at first I kind of panicked because it was way too tight and I felt like I couldn't breathe at all. It was loosened the next time, but I had that thing on for a good ten minutes the first time and as long as I was focusing on breathing through my stomach and not my chest it was fine.

And of course there are methods that tend to tear the skin, but if you do it right and have the right kind of skin there shouldn't be an issue. (And it's not like the tape pulls a Pyramid Head and rips all seven layers off. If some skin tears, it's usually not a big deal.) There was an athletic binding that I tried when I first started binding, and all that did was stick to itself, get tangled, and frustrate me. If you're going to do athletic tapes, work with something non-sticky and wide. (I think there's a binding for horses that works well? I haven't personally tried it but maybe it's awesome. Dunno.)
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