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I fancy Poop.
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I straightened a wig for the first time, I also had to detangle the crap out of it because I was just tossing the hair around derping it up. Ohhh I finally bought Dance central 3 and of course had to buy the Psy Gangnam Style song for it though I have yet to play it. ):
I also downloaded Pepakura and bought card stock to try to make Halo 4 armor for my husband for our next big Convention. I reached my weight goal a few weeks ago. But now I've gone back to eating pizza, ice cream and candy...AND soda, So yea...
I HAD A TOTAL NERDGASM FOR THE LATEST BORDERLANDS 2 DLC!!!!! And my Emblem in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure time, so that's pretty cool and of course when I play online I talk like her too. Very entertaining.

Oh and my jerk of a husband wont let me join the secret santa thingy even if I would have joined it on time. He's so damn paranoid. :/ Also it was our 1 year wedding anniversary on saturday. I swear it hasn't felt like a year has gone by already.

and fyi I'm on a sugar high right now as if you couldn't tell.

Nap time yet?
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