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Voici le lien vers les photos que j'ai prise Otakuthon 2008:
Here is the link to the pictures I took at Otakuthon 2008:

Vous y retrouverez / You will find in there:

Sora, Kairi and Xildan (?)
Haruhi and Mikuru
Itachi, Hinata, Temari, Haku and Shikamaru
Luffy and Sanji
Duo Maxwell
Samus, Link, Pit and Marth
Kafei and the Skull Kid
Road, Lenalee, Allen, Lavi and Yu Kanda
Jade Curtis and Zelos Wilder
The Stormtrooper and the Siberian Tiger Man
Train Heartnet and Sven
Mitsuru from Persona 3
Vash the Stampede
Lloyd Irving and Sheena Fujibaiyashi
Anime North 2010:

Vincent Valentine

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