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Well to be honest I am normally pretty calm. This is the first time when I was like actually working on something. If you look at my costume pics I managed to do all that with just a 15-20 minute crash course on how to use a sewing machine ><

I was competing a novice and I did just alter a lot of my clothing. I made my armband myself though completely as well as the boot covers. The trench coat I altered an sinched (sp?) to fit me better. I added all the stripes to my vest, the collar, and the lining. When it came to talking about my outfit though I don't know what to say. I can really only explain it as clamming up. I only talked about my armband because it was the only thing I was super proud of and didn't let them look at my vest or coat because I didn't want them to see my stitch work ><

*whew* I kind of thought of it all as just something to be fun and relaxed, but when I saw the panel it was like... "crap... these people are sizing me up!" rofl

Thank you for the tips though! I guess if I had a question or comment for helping out new cos-players it would be:

To gauge the competitors differently. If someone seems like they are ready to prattle on and on then great. But I'd tend to think that most of us newbies are a little gun shy and might need a little ice breaker. "What was your most difficult aspect of your costume" or "I like your weapon. How did you go about making it?"

When I was at Katsucon it was my first competition and they had A LOT of people there (and I think they all did a real good job) but man, I felt like half of how I presented myself effected how I looked.

I could prattle on and on though... so I'll just stop there.
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