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Why the hell not, right?

Location: Indiana

Age: 18

Gender: I am a woman.

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): I prefer guys but I do like girls so long as they are more masculine than myself. I am looking for hopefully longterm but also I'd really like to make new friends and if it goes somewhere, great. I also do not mind long distance.

Interests: Cosplay(duh!), anime, manga, reading, writing, tattoos, rock music, guys with long dark hair, tall people, girls with short hair, studying psychology, mysteries, books, criminal psychology, my family, hanging with my friends, helping others with disabilities, drawing, quantum physics, spiritual stuff, educated conversation, bunnies

Hi! My name is Alyssa...I like all kinds of music and things. I have cerebral palsy spastic diplegia and I am on crutches as well as scoliosis and stomach problems linked to anxiety and depression. It is safe to say I am not always at my best. I am looking for friends/significant others who will see that and respect that in me - maybe even take care of me. I am not a terribly hard woman to please but I do like my space. Most of my friends will tell you I am brutally honest at times...I act tough but I really love cute things and dressing girly and once in a while being spoiled. I will be the first to admit I am not skinny but I am not obese either. It is hard to work out when you have a physical handicap. I am very self-conscious about my singing as well as my looks and my cosplaying. I have grey eyes which I despise and glasses. Uhm...I guess if you need to know more or want to be friends just PM me. I am pretty friendly.

I like Doctor Who, Sherlock, White Collar, Suits, Dexter, Unsolved Mysteries, The Big C, United States of Tara, Shameless(US) Deadly Women, Kingdom Hospital and a whole shitload of manga and anime. I also LOVE horror movies and act a wee bit yandere at times.
"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you have never been hurt..."
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