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Location: Los Angeles California
Age: 21
Gender: Transgender Male.
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Friendship Male or Female, Relationship, male or female
Interests: .I love video games, anime, obviously cosplay, Military, art, drawing, yaoi and other.

Summary: I'm obviously transgender male, looking for someone to talk to, hang out with and simply have fun from time to time at conventions, obviously meaning run around, do skits with and have a few drinks maybe. I'd like to meet cosplayers who are into some of the same things as myself. My Current Cosplays are

Shizuo Heiwajima
Piers Nivans
Jake Muller
Squall Leonheart
and more to come.
I am looking for Friends, best friends, and cosplay partners. And it's a plus if you cosplay from the same videogame/anime as I do. Since I am looking for a Main Chris Redfield or Jake Muller for my Piers cosplay, I need a partner that I can trust since it is of course my favorite OTP's and for most of my cosplays I need a partner for them since I plan to go to yaoi con
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):I love DBZ, yu yu hakusho, inuyasha, baccano, black butler, durarara and more
I have several favorite books..

I love all sorts of films including CG movies like resident evil. But I HATE the re movies.

Call of Duty
gears of war
Resident Evil
FinalFantasy 8
Parasite Eve II
Marvel vs Capcom
and so much more.

Convention schedules are

Adult Con <--friends birthday con ,wonder con, Fanime, Anime Expo, PMX[maybe] , Yaoi con, and ALA

Best way to reach me is through my email
Which if you ask I will give my email just PM me here.
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