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I want to give this a shot.

Location: Manila, PH
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Dating/Long-term- Male.

Interests: aside from cosplay... anime, manga, reading, dancing, cooking, listening to various types of music

I graduated with a degree in Psychology and currently working in Human
Resources. I'm hoping to meet someone to share or who'll respect my interests (in anime,
cosplay, gaming and arts). I love to discover and learn new things so I
really appreciate it when the guy shares his interests/hobbies with me.
I'm open to the possibility that the guy might be living 5000 miles away from me. ^_^;;

During weekends, I enjoy playing XBOX esp Dance Central. My preferred
games are dancing and fighting. I've done ballet when I was younger and
joined the annual college festival as part of a dance group. With the
right person, I can be athletic too. I'd like to try rock climbing soon.
I look/sound reserved but I'm really just the caring/nurturing-type.
Within my friends, my role is always leaning as the "onee-chan figure"

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Anime: BLeach, Detective Conan, Fruits Basket, Full Moon
wo Sagashite, GetBackers, Gokusen, Gravitation, GTO, Gundam series,
Junjou Romatica, Hellsing, Initial D, Midori days, Ouran High School Host
Club, SKIP BEAT!, Studio Ghibli works, Yami no Matsuei, Yuyu Hakusho
TV: NAT GEO, BIO and Crime Investigation, CSI and Criminal Minds.

You may reach me via PM or via Twitter.
Thanks for reading!
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