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Location: Stockton, CA
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Deffinitly a male, who is sexy and has
long-ish brown or blond hair (Hair does not matter as long as they love cosplaying
and don't mind wearing wigs! Please don't be bold. >w<) must be white or asian or
any mixture just as long your not a black boy.(Not trying to be racist just not into
dating black men for virus reasons) Well thats about it.

Interests:I love Anime of corse!
Love to Draw Yaoi >///>;
Loves to Cosplay Kh2 Riku
I love making candi beads
for raves and stuff! I love
to wright short stories like
Fanfics (But got too lazy to
wright now a days) I love working
with Animals and volunteering.
I love making new friends and going on the
computer Day and night! Want to
know more about me? Don't be afraid
to ask, just send me a Pm or let me know
your interested in me in this post.

Summary: I tend to be a little quiet when you first
meet me, but after a while I start to open up once
I get to know you. Iam a laid back, chilled girl who
loves to relax and chill at home. Every now and then
I will get out and do something fun, but not everyday
since I don't have anyone to go out and have fun with.
I love my Family, and will do anything for them. Iam still
working on making my Riku costume look better, also
still going to conventions. Iam going to Sac-Anime this
August, so if anyone else wants to go that'd be great!
Also still looking for that special someone to cosplay
with and have a good time. So hit me up if your out

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Anime: Pokemon, Bakugan, Tenchi Muyo, Naruto,
Bleach, Death Note, Hetalia, Ouran Host Club, Lucky Star,
No Money, Loveless, Kuroshitsugi, etc.
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