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New Year's Eve 2005

Woah, I know, I know. It's early but might as well start now so NEXT year we can ring in the new year, cosplay style. ^__^ Plus with this kinda event we can plan early so that a) EVERYONE can come and b) it can be a themed and cosplay required event.

Anyway since this year's New Year's event didn't have a chance to become I thought maybe next year we could have a cosplay party. When I was talking to Alleh (KawaiiEdea) she came up with the idea of starting now so that if we plan this well enough everyone will be able to come in costume and we can theme it from a certain series. That way everyone would be a certain character and we could even be in character. Woo, yay.

So we can figure out dates later, around October of 2004, (Wow, that's a long ways away.) but now we can figure out what series/game/etc. that we would want to cosplay from and that kinda thing. Then we can vote. :D

We need to pick a series with a fairly large group of characters. We are officially 20 members strong. (Link supposes. ^_-) So let's all brainstorm for a series/game/movie/manga/etc with lotsa characters! Yay!

Ooops, forgot to mention some ideas!

- Ragnarok: It has all the different classes and you can use your own hair. :p
- FFXI: Same thing, different characters, outfits, etc.

I'll think of s'more later. :D
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