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What an odd response to a critique.

Okay, on the set itself, not regarding the editing.

Technically, they're lacking. Most of them are underexposed (though I suppose this could be an artistic choice); more importantly, many of them are blurry, either due to missed focus, a shutter speed that's much too slow, or a combination of both. Looking at your EXIF data, it seems that your shutter speeds are ranging from 1/5 to 1/2 (!) which just won't do for portraiture. I generally advise a shutter speed of no slower than 1/60 for portraits. Even when using a tripod to eliminate camera shake, slower than 1/60 will not freeze the subject for a sharp photo.

If ambient light is inadequate for the minimum camera settings you need for portraiture, bring your own lighting, find a different location, or shoot at a different time of day.

As a set, it's extremely repetitive. Eight shots of the hand reaching at the camera? As a viewer, that gets boring fast. When you have near-duplicates, cull all but the best. A set of six unique shots is much better than a set of 30 repetitive shots.

In terms of content and composition, there's not enough variety for a set that large. Again, the repetition is working against you. As a viewer, it's hard to stay interested when so many of the images are nearly identical.

I like the basic composition in "creeper corner", though I think you could have made better use of that corner space. For instance, shooting from a lower camera position and with a wider focal length would have helped to minimize the subject and emphasize the lonely feeling.

I also like where you're going with "let me hear your screams," and you're starting to approach the bare minimum shutter speed to execute a technically sound image.
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