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Originally Posted by MDA View Post
All of the edits in the photos were intentional.
And he's the only person to have cosplayed this character, it's from an online comic that you now have to pay $60 a month to read - which he and I no longer do.

I wasn't looking for critique on the editing. Was looking more on composition, if they're interesting... now I know why I never post for critiques.
For a critique, I never focus on the technical details. You learn to figure out settings are you shoot the camera and it becomes stationary. Even though you can get a "in focus" photo, the pose/expression/etc. determine the photo. I've seen photos where the focus was slightly missed but the editing and composition was fantastic. The reason why I focused on the editing is because while you have a nice photo, you can totally ruin it when you edit them. Some people mess with the colors too much, don't edit the white balance, stuff like that. I'm sorry if I was in anyway offensive, I had no intention at all. I was just trying to give you advice in post-processing. I care about post-processing alot.

Even if you mess up the lighting, it's possible to create artificial lighting in Lightroom, but it's always better to do it with the shot or you risk damaging the photo otherwise. I don't know why my critique made you say "this is why I don't post on here", can you please explain? I never meant to.

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