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HEY! LIS-.. *shot*
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I have a ton of OCs. One that I've actually transformed from my rave outfit was my OC Virus XD she's REALLY popular at Raves at cons, and surprisingly a lot of my normal cons, people recognize me in it and the character since I have comics and t shirt designs of her and her other OC friends O_o I had normal people from hotel staff want pictures with me XDDD;;

Then I have another costume which is a Satyr I've worn for years at renn fairs, Never really settled on a name, however people dubbed me The Satyr (how original right? lol) and I can't even walk 5ft without someone at the fair stopping me and wanting a picture, some people even come and pet me O_o which is kinda creepy XDD;;


Awards won:
MechaCon IV Cosplay Contest: Best in Show
LouisiANIME Cosplay Contest: Best Craftsmanship Award
LouisiANIME Ball Room Contets: 3rd and 2nd place
Animania April 2010: 1st Place
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