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Timeskip Perona from One Piece

I'd like to hear some critiques on my cosplay or what I can do to improve it.

Reference picture:

Some things to keep in mind:
A. I don't have any props yet and I was wondering what I should use. I'm thinking about using her umbrella, but if I attach the horns to it I wouldn't be able to close it and that's just not an option at this super-packed convention, so it would have to be a bit inaccurate. I'm also thinking about getting one of her ghosts as a plushie.
B. I still need to lose a bit of weight for this!
C. I'm going to cover up the tattoo on my left arm with makeup and use her stick-on pink bat tattoo, I just don't have that yet.
D. This is only the base wig, which is why it looks thin. I have four spiral ponytails to clip on, but I didn't do that here.
E. I forgot to put my watch on, oops!

This is a really crappy picture but I wanted to show the boots:

Questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions? Please and thank you.

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