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If you want to do chain mail or scale armor both are relatively easy to make and require 0 skill as long as you use the standard pattern. Chain mail can be made entirely from scratch using stuff you can find at your average hardware store for minimal price. Scale armor is a little more complicated and you'll need to buy scales and special rings from a website called but their prices are still really low, you can easily make a full suit of armor for <$200 of supplies if you buy premade rings and scales. As for plate armor, I can't really help you there because I've never made any plate armor but I'm sure there are tons of tutorials all over the internet on how to make things out of plate metal without needing a full blown forge.
Also, I commission for armor and stuff but it would be a lot less expensive and in my opinion also would be more fun to make it yourself. I try to only commission for people who really just do not have 30-40 hours to make their own armor, because it isn't really a skilled profession despite what some people may say about it. I hope this helps.
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