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Zell's "Metal Knuckle" Gloves Tutorial

I was going to make an off site tutorial but I find I'm not up to coding right now and forums take most of the work out in that respect ^^. I apologize for the varying photo quality. When I was taking some of these photos as I made the gloves I only had my roommate's 4 megapixel camera and my webcam.

Feel free to ask questions!

Zell's "Metal Knuckle" Gloves (the default pair).

This is the method I used for to make the gloves I wore with my Zell costume:

I'm used the model from the game and not the FMVs:

The difference is only the three silver 'veins' that run down the back of each glove, but I think they make the whole thing look more polished.

  • Scissors
  • Hair Barrettes (I used round-edged ones, a square-edge would be more accurate but I wanted mine rounder. Feel free to go for the more accurate type).
  • Metallic Silver Paint and a small/medium sized paint brush (good quality, so the bristles don't come off)
  • Gloves (I wasn't sure on how to make gloves and could only find these cheap ones at Walmart as it is May ^^;;;. Feel free to buy better quality pair, I also strongly suggest buying half-finger gloves.)

Note: if you are using full-fingered gloves, hem the fingers first thing. I forgot to untill after most of the glove was done and it was much harder.
What I did was cut just just the top off each finger (half way down where the nail would be) and then fold them over so the cut part was on the inside and hand sew. I'm guessing that there is a much easier way. If you are making your own gloves, or using half-finger gloves you're golden, ignore this tedious step.

1. Pry the clip parts off of your barrettes, carefully. I used my closed scissors as a lever to do this, they should come off fairly easily if you use this method.

2.When you have that done the next step is to stick the 'dimensional pearl' stickers to the barrette using a tiny dab of Krazy glue for each(Be careful with Krazy Glue. Do not get any on your skin and if you do don't touch anything until it's dry! You do not want to get your fingers stuck together, or stuck to anything else), as the glue already on the stickers will not hold to the surface of the barrette. I used the large black kind, four on each barrette spaced fairly evenly apart. Like so.

3.When the glue is dry (and it drys fast!) next step is to paint them silver. Paint the whole thing, even where you will not be able to see the silver anyway, that way the paint is less likely to crack. Like so (If any has flaked off when it is dry, do another coat).

4.Now, while the paint drys, it's time to cut out the 'veins' from the craft foam(It doesn't matter what colour of foam, but I used the darkest). They should be about half the width of your pinky and long as the distance from the top of your pinky to the bottom of your hand. Like so. Cut out all 6 so they are the same width and paint them silver as well.

5.Now cut out the wrist cuffs. These should be the circumference of your wrist and a bit longer with the glove on and paint it silver. Like this. And this, kind of (as you can see, mine were made of more then one piece of foam. This was because I didn't account for the glove and had to add more on. Learn from my mistakes.).

6. When the wrist cuffs are dry you'll need to glue on the snap fasteners. Keep the two pieces snapped together and use as little Krazy glue as possible(you want to be able to open them!) to glue them to where the foam overlaps. Like this.

7. The next thing I did was mark on the glove where the Barrette would go and glue it down. But I think it would make more sense to glue the 'veins' on first in retrospect. So the next step for you is to glue the 'veins' down with Krazy glue.

First, make sure they are the right length, from your knuckles to under where you want the silver wrist cuf to rest. Then Figure out exactly where you want it to go. (I did this with the glove on to make sure it was stretched as it would be when I wore it, but you have to be very careful that the glue doesn't go through the glove and bond to your skin) Again, use a little glue as possible. Squeeze it out onto the foam and press the foam down gently onto the glove, applying just enough pressure so that it stays flat against it. Wait for each to dry before starting on the next one.

When you have all three down, glue each barrette down over the tops of the veins where your knuckles are: like theissss.

8. Now the last step. Glue the wrist cuff down but only do so by putting a small dab of Krazy glue on top of each 'vein' (Make sure that you do this in such a way that the wrist cuff snaps together at the inside of your wrist like this ) this way when the glue is dry you'll be able to unfasten the wrist cuff, like this, and slide the glove on and off ^^.

Viola! You now have a pair of Metal Knuckles.

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