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#1 - Making the colour more more vibrant in the center of this picture actually works against the intention of showing the red string. I actually had to look hard to see it. There's too much going on in terms of colour and texture between the two models to notice such a small string.
#2 - This one is much better, but the composition would have been more appealing if it weren't so symmetrical.
#3 - The blur on the boy's side is too much and makes the whole image look amateurish. As well, if the intention is to make a distinction between the two models, the almost monotonous colours isn't the way to go. This scene should have been shot in an area with more colour. Without the red string, there's no story in the image either. In the future, try to avoid such symmetrical images, as they're not as attractive as you think they are.
#4 - Blur. It's way overdone in this image. The face of the girl is pixelated and blurry. The asymmetry is done well, but the lack of anything to focus on makes me want to look away rather than at it.
#5 - I see what this image is trying to do, but I also see it failing. The boy's body is loose and the expression on the girl's face needs a lot of work. Is he pinning her to the tree? Is she happy, lustful, angry, frustrated, sad? You can't tell from either of your models what the mood is actually supposed to be. The overuse of the colour effects is starting to get a little boring now. Instead of enhancing the picture, the colours are taking away from the natural beauty of the area. It is also giving these pictures an artificial feel to them which makes me feel that the picture could have been taken anywhere. You need to learn how to incorporate the background into the image you're trying to create.
#6 - Colour again. The fact that I can see the circle around the hands is a very bad thing. I shouldn't notice that ring of sepia around the outside so easily. As well, what's the point of the string on his hand? It's not used effectively in the scene being photographed. You could take it out and the image would be the same. Again there's the same symmetry. Because the boy's shirt/hip can be seen in the right side of the picture, the cropping looks sloppy. The focus should be on the arms and hands, and other body parts take away from that.

Overall, I think a little too much effort was put into photoshopping effects into these pictures. I also agree with brucer007. I don't see the cosplay in any of these images and I don't think they belong here. You should keep personal pictures on your personal website/blog.
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