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Really sorry for the long waiting!!
just caught my friend online...
I was told there would be tons of con in Beijing.
You may have big cons in the summer and winter
also, some median every mounth and every week for some mini cons.
The spot of cons were not fixed most of time.
but you may try the Haidian Theater, the Military Museum, and Zhongguanchun area.
hope this will be some help...
Lavi -- D.Gray Man 100%
Kondou -- Gintama 100%
Kurotsuchi Mayuri -- Bleach 100%
Akizuki Souma -- Shining Tears X Wind 100%
Kitaro -- Gegege No Kitaro 100%
Yoshimori Sumimura -- Kekkaishi 100%

0% 25% 50% 75% 100%

Conventions in 2008
Birmingham Cosplay Meeting (UK) [Lavi]-- May 2008 [1/1]
London EXPO (UK) [Lavi & Akizuki Souma]-- May 2008 [2/2]
Nanningcon (China) [Gegege no Kitaro] -- June 2008 [1/1]
London Expo (UK) [Yoshimori Sumimura]-- October 2008 [1/1]
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