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Originally Posted by Sandninjer View Post
Thanks for the info. I'm driving down from Delaware after work on Friday and probably won't make it there until around 9pm at the earliest. In the past, have AUSA cons been active late night (10pm+)?

Also, is it absolutely mandatory that you have to be dressed up in an actual anime character costume to walk in? I'd like to look around on Friday night but probably won't have time to dress up.
The con should definitely still be active well into the night, like I said it usually shuts down around 2am for most cons xD You can wear whateeeever you want, whether it's street clothes, a full costume, pieces of costumes, or whatever crazy nonsense you come up with. No one will judge you for it, lol, and in fact you'll be surprised by the sheer number of people you see doing just that and wearing whatever they please. The only time it matters if you're in costume is like say if you were to enter for actual Craftsmanship judging in a contest or something, otherwise you're totally fine.
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