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best start with referance image, here ya go

making this from clay or plaster will weigh crap tons, so only go that route
if its going to be a display piece

id start with a paper mache base, have 1-2 people "cast" your face
use a barrier like plastic bag, leave nose and mouth uncovered

you want to build the mask from the forehead down to the jaw

you want the base to be "normal" so dont make faces

to add bulk to the mask, make rolls of paper in various sizes
make sure you have a 5 or so "layers" of paper in each roll, if your using basic
"printer" paper (usually 20-24#)
the less squishy the rolls, the less damage the mask will take if given a good bump

use the rolls to build the facial features, stack em where needed like the cheeks and nose
bend the ones for the nose into ... flat toped pyramids (you still need space for your nose)

each layer can be "tucked in" with a couple layers of mache
to add support, and help you see the progress

if you have heavier paper like card stock, "construction" paper or index card, (80-110#)
using that for the final layers will help keep things smoother
since the thicker paper wont sag into the gaps as much

itll still be heavier that any plastic halloween mask, but more durable
and cheaper than most other options like foam carving

are you just making the mask? or do you plan on making the whole cosplay?

as for attatching the mask, placing a couple magnets (neodynium) in the forehead
will be the "cleanest" method (ones you find at homedepot by the nails, go from 1lb to 5lb of "pull")
dont bother with the ceramic ones, they typically dont have enough pull radius
or if they do, they may shatter when they slap together or you drop one

but magnet gaves you the freedom to use any form of attatchment, wether simple ribbon (string wont be enough)
or a ratcheting head strap from a face shield, or hard hat)
protip* when using wikia, click image to bring up slideshow, click image name top left,
and select size options (if available) till you find one of appropiate size

disclaimer* im not an expert, i simply add in my "2 cents" having a second opinion is always a safe bet

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