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Totally not true. Many of my friends (and myself included) are plus-sized, and we all cosplay.

However, as plus-size people, we face more challenges making our costumes look good and suit our body. Think about the costume and think about what works with the shape you are, and make adjustments. It's not a crime, and if you look better in it (even if it's not 100% accurate to a *2D* figure), you'll feel better about it. There are a few threads for the larger-sized figure. Just search the forums a bit, and you'll find them.

EDIT: If they're always saying things like that to you, I hope you tell them how rude that behaviour is, even if you're friends. They should think about what they're doing and how it affects other people. If they don't like your views, and continue to make disparaging comments, as much as it would suck, perhaps it's come time to let the friendships go. We shouldn't surround ourselves with negativity.
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