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was thinking of cosplaying L , but that's WAAAaaay too easy . the thing is , i've been told i have a lot of cosplaying potential ; i just don't know who to cosplay as since i don't really watch much anime .

here's my picture , by the way

suggestions ? ;P

can provide more pics if needed .

edit : L's height is about 5"8 - 5"10 according to my research . i'm about 5"8 , soooo . yeah ;D
oke, at your height and facial structure, i suggest taller characters with longer faces, like kaito from vocaloid theres many out there, though you really would make a great kaito without a doubt. *EDIT* i just realized you would make an amazing kyoya hibar from katekeyo hitman reborn!

ant suggestions for me? srry bout the crappy pic, i was tired and lazy that day xD im almost 5'4", greens eyes, some say i have light brown, others say dirty blond, but im really not sure. Im around 110-115lb. i dont mind crosplaying either:
plz and thank you :3 ( idk why my shoulder straps were tangled up like that in that pic)
Inoue Orihime (Heuco Mundo)

Margaery Tyrell (intro dress)

Elsa (Frozen) ?

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