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Originally Posted by Eurobeat King View Post
3 weeks to go!

Does anyone know what time the con begins on Friday? Just want to have an idea of how early to be there. Thanks!
Official con program begins just before noon. We've made space for the annual ICG meeting at 10am on Friday.

If the Dealers are ready early, they may open the room early.

In addition, I believe Marshall is planning one of the tech-junk-shopping tours for Friday morning. Check out the Tours page under Hotel and Travel.

Our current version of the schedule is viewable at

(If you get an error message, it's due to an annoying security setting between the entrance and the interactive portion of the site, designed to prevent bots from scamming our forms. Go to, click on "Program and Exhibits", then the top two items in the left menu will display our list of items and the current state of the schedule.)
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