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Originally Posted by Fairydusted View Post
There's a surprising amount of mermaid tail YouTube and tutorials. Have any of those helped?

I remember seeing one by a girl who did all of Ariel's sisters if I can find it I'll post. It seemed very thorough.
Ooh if you could find it that would be awesome, as I find it difficult to find tutorials on youtube, I've followed one to get the main tail bit, but thats all the kind of tutorials I can find. ^^

Also, I can't afford a monofin or anything, so I gotta try and make do with what I have.

Crimsonvision- yeah, that's what I thought (that was gathered into the bottom of the tail) and that's what I did, but maybe I didn't gather it enough? I dont have any spare netting laying around to pad it out at the moment, and cant afford to get anymore for the time being... I'll just be happy with getting the basic shape and "look" of it for this party I got booked, then when I can afford more netting ands stuff I can add to it after.
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