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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
Runaways under BKV is arguable one of my favorite runs on a Marvel book to date, if not my fave (also see Morrison's NXM). That FCBD one-shot he did with the X-men is one of the best done-in-ones I've read as well. BKV OWNS!

As far as obscure Marvel characters go, anyone I like usually blows up in terms of popularity after a few years-Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist, Hawkeye....granted that means more awesome comics with them, so it evens out. Nowadays, I think the only characters I'm SUPER into that count as obscure are the Runaways cast and....Darkhawk. Yeah....definetly Darkhawk.

As for voting for a character, HNG, that's rough. Starjammers are an inspired choice, as I NEVER see them cosplayed, but I'm also partial to Wanda. Your choice really, I'm cool with either, as having both Clint and Scott in my cos-robe means group fun can be had in 2k13 :3
It is both great and awful to have these nerd conversations. It's great to have an equal comic fan with whom I can even have said conversations - Harold, as he puts it, 'likes comics, but isn't a fangirl like you'. But it's successfully reminding me how many more comics I actually want and how I will never catch up to my ideal collection. ><

I haven't gotten to read a lot of the Runaways, to be honest. I pretty much only got to read the random volumes the library back in my hometown had.

I don't really know what qualifies as obscure these days. I mean, C&D used to have monthly solo appearances, so to older readers I bet they're pretty well known, but maybe less so now? I've also always liked Sunfire a lot, who tends to have less-well-known appearances. I would be excited if any of my faves ended up becoming wildly popular, because of the more comics. =) I have a lot of love for a lot of well-established popular characters too though, so there will always be more to read.

Hahaha, I would love to see some daddy-issues shots between your Scott and Harold's Chris. That would be weird-funny.

We still have a long time to decide, since we only go to NYCC. Carmelita and Sly are almost 100% decided on, and I'm probably going to push for Penny because her gauntlet would be a really fun construction project, but other than that, we'll probably just see how we feel in a couple months. =)
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