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Originally Posted by eebee View Post
It is both great and awful to have these nerd conversations. It's great to have an equal comic fan with whom I can even have said conversations - Harold, as he puts it, 'likes comics, but isn't a fangirl like you'. But it's successfully reminding me how many more comics I actually want and how I will never catch up to my ideal collection. ><

I haven't gotten to read a lot of the Runaways, to be honest. I pretty much only got to read the random volumes the library back in my hometown had.

I don't really know what qualifies as obscure these days. I mean, C&D used to have monthly solo appearances, so to older readers I bet they're pretty well known, but maybe less so now? I've also always liked Sunfire a lot, who tends to have less-well-known appearances. I would be excited if any of my faves ended up becoming wildly popular, because of the more comics. =) I have a lot of love for a lot of well-established popular characters too though, so there will always be more to read.

Hahaha, I would love to see some daddy-issues shots between your Scott and Harold's Chris. That would be weird-funny.

We still have a long time to decide, since we only go to NYCC. Carmelita and Sly are almost 100% decided on, and I'm probably going to push for Penny because her gauntlet would be a really fun construction project, but other than that, we'll probably just see how we feel in a couple months. =)
If you ever has the cash-monies floating around, I suggest grabbing on of those Marvel Digital Accounts for a year. There's A TON of runs available on there, that can be accessed by the pc and I THINK iOs devices soon (android to follow). It's geniunely good stuff.

And yeah, talking to other peeps about comics is great, but will tempt the hell out of you to spend more $$. Carrie is strictly a trade or digital girl, with a few exceptions here or there. And outside of a few Black Widow stories and WaTM, not really into the super hero scene, unless it's a movie and Thor's not wearing a shirt.

As far as obscure vs popular, yeah, sometimes it's just easier to follow the big names, because you're guaranteed a few good stories per year. I think my Big 3 Marvel characters at the moment are Cyclops, Spidey and Hawkeye. I could go on more, I assure.


If Harold does do Cosair, that would be dope, and some lulz would occur, I can promise you that much.
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