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I cosplayed Meera last year! =) Twas fun, but only a few book fans knew who I was... =( I should add the pics to my gallery though...

I love when the non-'main six' get cosplayed because they don't get enough love. I'm gonna do Ygritte in the future (I did a book-version when my hair was red.. but not the right red XD), but I don't really like her costume this season.... But I love Dany so much, with all her flaws and downfalls, and love cosplaying her that I can't give that up just cause there's toooonss of them... and I love her outfits! I would looove to have an Irri or Doreah to take pics with...

I know a few people going who are doing Brienne, Shae, and Margaery, so I'm excited to see the new costumes =) Ahh can't wait!!

Also, I've wanted to do a "Lady Stoneheart" for so loooong... haha

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